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Bridesmaids end up with a lot of outfits – especially dresses that they might not use again after the wedding party. Bridesmaids' dresses can fill up a wardrobe! They also need to come up with brilliant ideas to make the event even more special for the bride. These ideas are hard to come by.


Bridesmaid's Best Friend is here to help bridesmaids sell the dresses they're no longer using or buy dresses from other bridesmaids. They can also share, post, or be inspired by our creative live feed.

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User Story

Katherine, 25 years old, Veterinarian

Katherine attends a lot of weddings.

She wants to be wise on how much she spends on outfits and accessories in preparation for her sister's wedding

So that, she doesn't go bankrupt when she needs to buy another dress for the next wedding party she's in.


User Test's Result:

1. Most users prefer to have "Shop Now" button on the navbar.
2. A lot of people asking if the can upload photo when the click Upload - Post.
Shop Now page need more features that can make the checkout process easier and faster.

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